Save set

Found under: Settings > Set Actions > Save

Whilst current sets are only available on the current device, these can be saved and then later loaded from set files.

All set files are stored in the /OpenSong/Sets/ folder.  To better help organise your sets, OpenSongApp allows you to use categories.  These are simply appended as text to the beginning of the set file name (compatible with the desktop version of OpenSong).  Selecting a category will find all matching sets and display them on the screen.  The MAIN category is for sets that haven't specified a category.

You can enter a new set name, or click on an existing set name.  If you use the same name as an existing set file, you will need to tick the 'Overwrite existing item' button.

Click on Save when ready.

Clicking on the + button next to the category box will allow you to create a new set category.  You can choose an existing category from the drop down menu.

The category (unless MAIN is selected) is appended to the beginning of the file name.  E.g. A set named 'Gareth solo' saved in the 'Solo stuff' category as shown, will create a set file in OpenSong/Sets/ named Solo stuff___Gareth solo.

Set files are xml files (without the extension).  They contain links to songs using the folder and filename and also include the preferred key (this is ignored by the desktop version of OpenSong).  Any custom slides (scriptures, image slides, notes, song variations) are saved directly to the set.