Search offline

Found under: Settings > Set Actions > Bible > Search offline

If you have an XML bible file downloaded, you can browse scripture verses and add these to a set.

  • File chooser: Choose the bible file/translation to search

  • Book: Choose the book in the bible. Only available once a translation has been chosen.

  • Chapter: Choose the chapter in the book. Only available once a book has been chosen.

  • Verse from: The starting verse number. Only available once a chapter has been chosen.

  • Verse to: The ending verse number. Only available once a verse from has been chosen.

  • Include verse numbers: This will append the verse number as {...} to the start of the verse text. These can be hidden as curly bracket text hiding from the Song display settings.

  • Line length: The maximum number of characters per line. Too small and the text will be very large and too large will make the text very small as it will autoscale to the full width when projecting.

  • Lines per slide: If you include several verses, or a large portion of text, you can ask the app to split the text across multiple slides to improve readability.

You can see the chosen text in the preview box. Click on the + Add to set button to create a custom slide with this scripture at the end of the current set.

When saving a set file, the scripture is bundled into the set file. Loading a set with a scripture bundled in it will extract the scripture text as a new set item.