Import multiple files

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Add songs > Multiple files

If you want to import multiple song files at once, you can use this option to select them.   During the import process, the app will try to convert ChordPro, OnSong, text, Word (.docx only) songs into OpenSong format and will simply copy OpenSong, PDF and image files.

Once you open this function, you will be asked to select the files to import.  This will open your built in Android file chooser.   Navigate to the folder containing the songs you wish to import.  To select all files in the folder, you can often select this option using the file browser additional actions button (normally 3 dots in the top right corner).  Alternatively long press on a song to begin the multiple file selection, then click on the songs required.  Once you have selected all required files, click on the 'Select' button at the top (this may show as an 'Ok' button near the bottom on some devices).  The app will then show a list of files selected.

Clicking on the Import button will copy and convert all files that are valid into your OpenSong/Songs/Imported song subfolder.  You can then preview the songs imported and move them using the Move songs options

Select all option

Selected songs shown with ticks