Swipe settings

Found under: Settings > Controls > Swipe settings

Swipe actions are most commonly used to move between songs.  However, if you find this interferes with your device settings (e.g. special menus), you can turn these off if required.

By default the app will try to calculate what is determined as a swipe motion on the screen, however, if you find that this is too sensitive, or not sensitive enough, you can modify this by adjusting the sliders, or simpler still simulating a swipe (left to right or right to left) on the box at the bottom.  The app will then draw an approximation of the speed and vertical allowance recognised as a swipe motion.

Swipe distance:  The distance across the screen in pixels.  Shorter swipes are ignored.

Time:  The maximum time allowed for a swipe motion to be detected in milliseconds.  Slower swipes are ignored

Vertical movement allowed:  A small vertical movement is allowed.  If this is set too high and the swipe distance is too low, you may find that vertical scroll gestures are wrongly interpreted as swipes.  Swipes with a vertical motion greater than this value are ignored.