Song display

Found under: Settings > Display > Song display

Song display is used to adjust the settings that you see on your Android device.  Settings for connected displays (such as Chromecasts, HDMI outputs or Wireless displays) can be found on the Connected display page instead.

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Song display

Song sections

Section filtering

If you only want to display certain sections, you can switch on section filtering.  This can be useful if certain sections only apply to certain musicians, or if you want to have different versions of sections for different musicians using the app.

A normal verse tag looks like [V], however, if you want to filter a verse section for guitarists, you can use the filter guitar (or whatever you want).  When you create a section that uses this filter, it would be written as [*guitar:V].  By default, users who have set up a guitar filter on this page can switch the filter on and it will hide any sections matching this filter.  Alternatively, they can use the show option to only show sections matching these filters.

Song sheet, next song and autoscroll information shown
Multiline song with capo information
Multiline song with compact mode
Multiline song in the edit window.  Note stretched words should use __ between letters