Found under: Settings > Song actions > Highlighter

Highlighter notes can be used to add annotations to a song by 'drawing' on top of them.  Devices with smart pen integration can also use annotations directly in the app.  Please note that highlighter notes will only display properly in Performance Mode and will be ignored in Stage and Presenter Mode.

Whenever a highlighter file is shown, it will stretch to match the size of the displayed song.  If a song is edited, or is used on a device with different screen dimensions, highlighter files may not align properly.  They can, however, be edited once created.

Each song can will store a separate highlighter file for portrait and landscape orientation.  When you change the rotation of your device, the correct highlighter file will be loaded.  Highlighter files are transparent .png files and are saved in your OpenSong/Highlighter/ folder.

When using the highlighter page button (as shown on the screenshot), tapping the button will toggle on/off any matching highlighter files.  Long pressing the button will take you to the highlighter edit page.

Highlighter settings can be adjusted from the settings menu (Settings > Song actions > Highlighter).  Here you can toggle if highlighter notes are displayed automatically, and how long they should be shown for (On=always on or 1-20s) if you only want them to be visible for a short time.  Clicking on the pencil/edit button on the highlighter settings page will allow you to create or edit the highlighter file for the current song in its current orientation.

You can open the highlighter tools using the button at the bottom of the screen (you can also drag the tool button left and right if it is in the way).   Tools available are:

For the pen, highlighter and eraser tool, you can choose the size in px of the tool.

You can also set the colour of the pen or highlighter.

When you have finished editing the highlighter file, you must click on the SAVE button in the tools menu.  You can then return to the song display to view the note.