Found under: Settings > Song actions > Metronome

Metronomes can provide a click track to help you play a song in time.  It is great for rehearsals and for drummers.

The metronome feature is a default page button, but is also available from the menu described above.

Before a metronome can run, the song needs to have a time signature and tempo set.  You can manually enter these by opening the metronome settings (or long pressing on the metronome page button).

You can choose the panning and volume of the metronome and also switch on a visual metronome (part of the action bar flashes in time with the beats).

Rather than making you stick with default metronome clicks, there are a bunch of audio files bundled with the app that you can use for the tick and tock sounds of the metronome ranging from clicks to bass drum, snare, high hat, wood blocks, etc.

Single clicking on the metronome page button will toggle start and stop if the tempo and time signature have been set, otherwise you will be shown the metronome settings page.