Page buttons

Found under: Settings > Controls > Page buttons

Page buttons are used to give you quick access to various song features when in Performance or Stage Mode.

You can assign up to 8 different page buttons and each one is fully customisable as to the task it performs.  Some page buttons only have short press actions to perform a simple action such as showing the current set, but others also have long press actions to start/stop or edit features such as the transpose or pad page buttons.  There are currently about 36 available page button actions to choose from.

To edit the actions, navigate to the Controls > Page buttons options, or long press the main page button at the bottom right of the screen, or click on any unassigned page button shown with a (?) icon.

From the settings you can show/hide each page button and set the desired action.  You will be shown the corresponding short press / tap action and any long press action that exists for that page button.

You can also adjust the opacity of the page buttons.  If you tend to leave these on screen, you may consider lowering this value so they become more transparent and allow you to read any song lyrics or chords behind them.  This opacity setting is part of the theme colours.

You can also set the page buttons to small buttons

The commands available can be viewed on the Available commands page.

Normally when in Performance / Stage Mode, the page buttons are 'collapsed' and can be accessed by clicking on the main page button icon at the bottom of the screen.  

Long pressing this button will take you to the settings page above.  

You can leave the page buttons expanded or collapsed depending on your preference.  

Main page button in collapsed state
Expanded page buttons