BeatBuddy Commands

Found under: Settings > Utilities > BeatBuddy > Edit song commands

Users with a BeatBuddy pedal may wish to use this helper utility to build their MIDI messages for the song.  This will allow a song load to instruct your BeatBuddy pedal to switch to the correct folder/song, tempo, volume and drum kit.

The MIDI messages can be quite difficult to understand, but if you want to do it the hard way, there is more information on the Midi settings page.

Main BeatBuddy helper page

Options include:

All messages get sent in this order.  You can test the BeatBuddy, or add the commands to the song messages (that can be automatically sent on song load, or sent using another gesture, page button or foot pedal).

Song messages identified in the song
Filter and select the default BeatBuddy songs
Browse and select songs from your project

The app will also list all MIDI messages currently saved with the song (scroll down the page).  You can click on an individual item to test (some items are part of a sequence), swipe to remove them, or drag to rearrange the order.

Song messages are only sent when there are MSB and LSB folder messages followed by the Song PC message (the first 3 items in the list shown).

Tempo messages are sent in two parts (MSB and LSB).  Both are required in that order.

Volume and drum kit (CC) messages are single MIDI messages.

If an MIDI message is recognised as a potential BeatBuddy command, the details will be shown, otherwise it will be listed as 'Unknown'.  This does not mean the MIDI message won't work, it simply isn't recognised as one of the above settings.

If you have a BeatBuddy connected (on the MIDI channel in the above settings), you can also assign various BeatBuddy commands (such as fill, accent, start, stop, transition, etc.) to your page buttons, gestures and foot pedals.  Check the list of available commands to see what is possible!


Beat Buddy should be running the latest firmware 4.1.3

The default content should also be v2.1 (or later)