Load set

Found under: Settings > Set Actions > Load

Whilst current sets are only available on the current device, these can be saved and then later loaded from set files.

All set files are stored in the /OpenSong/Sets/ folder.  To better help organise your sets, OpenSongApp allows you to use categories.  These are simply appended as text to the beginning of the set file name (making them compatible with the desktop version of OpenSong).  Selecting a category will find all matching sets and display them on the screen.  The MAIN category is for sets that haven't specified a category.  For example a set in the MAIN category named 'My Set' will simply be saved as a file named My Set' whereas if it was saved in the 'Church' category, it would be saved as a file named Church__My Set.  When browsing sets within the 'Church' category, only set filenames starting with Church__ will be shown (without this prefix).

Click on the set checkbox to select a set to load.  If you click on more than one set, they will be merged in order of clicking on them.  Once you have selected the appropriate set(s), click on the Load button.  This will overwrite your current set with the contents of the sets loaded in.

You can now sort the sets shown alphabetically or by last modified date (ascending/descending).

When loading a set, you have the option using the switch to load the first song in the set.  If you switch this off, once the set has loaded the app will look for your currently loaded song.  If this song is in the set, it moves to this position in the set, if not, it will require you to manually select a song from the set to view the set items.