Import online song

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Add songs > Online

Rather than having to create all of your songs manually, you can import them from various online sources.

OpenSongApp is currently compatible with the following websites: Ultimate Guitar, Chordie, Song Select, Worship Together, UkuTabs, HolyChords and La boîte à chansons.

Some of these websites require a subscription to access all of the songs. OpenSongApp is not affiliated with any of these sites and simply uses a web browser to look for downloadable content. For text based songs, the app scans the web page for content that looks like a song and then tries to copy and paste it. For subscription services such as SongSelect it simply triggers the download action and then tries to extract text from any PDF files the website downloads to your device.

Using subscription services such as SongSelect within OpenSongApp requires you to log in to that service and downloads will count against your account as they would from any web browser.

To search for a song, enter the search phrase (normally the song title) and select the appropriate online source to search. Click on the search button to begin the search.

The app will then display the website in a new window. You may need to log in (if required) and click on the appropriate links until you can see the required song.

When the app has detected a song, you will see the download icon at the top of the screen. If this doesn't automatically appear, you can press the search button to force the app to check again. Often websites change their formatting and this sometimes causes problems for OpenSongApp. Let me know if this is the case!

Download issues to be aware of

When using some sites, you may have a message that appears to login or accept cookies before continuing. On Ultimate guitar, the cookie message obstructs the song list until you accept or dismiss it.

When using Ultimate guitar, make sure that you only choose 'Chord' downloads. Pro options are not readable by OpenSongApp

When using SongSelect, make sure you are viewing the 'Chords' output. Lyrics and sheet music often doesn't work. You can always manually download the PDF using your web browser and manually import the PDF file using the import file option.

Ultimate guitar cookies message
Download icon visible at top middle
Choose filename and folder for downloaded song