Latest updates

Important note for alpha and beta channel users:

Bad news: V5.6.0 will likely be the last beta release of the existing version (V5) of OpenSongApp. The alpha channel will also close.

Good news: The long awaited alpha update v6.0.0 has now moved to the beta channel as it is now deemed ready for wider testing.

V6.0.0 of the app has numerous updates, improvements, is faster, is hopefully more intuitive and has many, many, new additional features and user options. Hopefully you'll like the changes, but please let me know of any issues you encounter. You can join or leave the beta programme at any time. Once the app has passed beta testing, I will roll this out to the stable channel.

V6.0.0 comes with built in links to the new user guide pages on this website (v5 app users can still see the old manual) to help you learn about the new features, etc. Please continue to leave feedback on the forum. Just make sure to note that your comments refer to v6.

Please ensure that you've taken time to create any backups of your songs etc. just in case!

Latest stable release: V.5.6.0 (220)

12th December 2022

  • Updated permission checks

  • Minor tweaks to device name in Nearby

Current development work in progress - Beta testing V6 Beta 3

28rd January 2022

  • V6 beta 3 released - Please be kind!

  • Fixes for issues identified in beta 2.

  • Complete app rewrite to massively improve render speeds and modularise code (making it easier to bug fix, add new features, etc).

  • Embracing Material App design to improve UI - a common complaint from users!

  • More features such as PDF exporting, OCR extraction of images and PDFs, MIDI pedals allowed as page turning devices, Chromatic guitar tuner, advanced song library searching/filtering, improved casting logic, manage song files easier, chord fingering playback including piano chords, export sets as PDF songbooks, transpose set items on the fly, various nearby connection modes, showcase highlighting of new features, links on most settings page to the online user guide, inline set view when performing, etc......


  • Code tidy up

  • Minor improvements, bug fixes, GitHub community additions

Here's a taster of what to expect in V6

Here's a comparison video of version 6 and version 5 running side by side to illustrate the improvement in song render speed. V6 on the left, v5 on the right