iOS / OnSong

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Add songs > iOS/OnSong

If you work with others who use OnSong on iOS, you can import a backup file from them.  OnSong backup files are, like OpenSongApp backup files, zip files with a custom .backup extension.

When selecting this option, you will be taken to a file chooser window to locate the OnSong.backup file you wish to import.  Once you select the file, the app will show you how many songs it contains.

By default the app will suggest saving these files into an OnSong folder, however, you can change this if required.

The import action will also convert OnSong formatted songs into OpenSong formatted songs to allow you to use all the features in the app.

Once you have imported the songs from the backup, you can always move the songs into another folder using the move songs option located in the storage overview page.

You can choose to overwrite any matching songs already in this folder during import.