Found under: Settings > Profile

Backing up and restoring your preferences

When you make changes to any of the app settings, such as the theme, autoscale settings, etc, these are stored to a temporary folder on your device.  If you uninstall the app, you will lose these settings.

You can, however, save or load these settings as a profile, which will remain in the ../OpenSong/Profiles/ folder even if the app is deleted.  You can store as many different profiles as you like and load them as required - just make sure to name them sensibly.

Profiles are stored as plain xml files.   Be aware that loading a profile will overwrite current settings with those specified in the profile, so make sure you save your current settings first as a backup profile!

If you want to clear the app settings back to default ones, click on the 'Reset' button.   If you are experiencing strange issues with the app, you can always try this option.   This will have the same effect as clearing the app cache from App settings for OpenSongApp from your Android settings.

Please be aware that some preferences in v5 and v6 profile files are not cross version compatible and will be ignored.  This is due to some of v5 features being obsolete and v6 having many more additional preferences available.