Web server

Found under: Settings > Web server

OpenSongApp can only run directly on Android devices, but what if you have band mates using iOS devices or Windows tablets?  Well now it is possible to share a performance mode view with any users via a hosted web page.  Your Android device can run a web server and as long as your band mates have their devices connected to the same network, they can view your songs using a web browser.

You have the option of allowing them to browse your current song list and set list (manual navigation), or simply viewing your currently loaded song.

Make sure your device is connected to the WiFi network (or you can set up your device to act as a WiFi hotspot for other devices to connect to).   Then open the Web server settings page.  Switch on the web server and other users can open the web address shown (either by typing it into their browser manually, or using the QR code with a camera).

Whenever you load a new song, the webserver will provide an updated webpage, but those viewing the webpage will need to refresh it to see the new song.

You can also preview the webpage by clicking on the QR code or the web address shown.

The web server will remember your preference and if switched on will start automatically the next time you open the app.  The web server is stopped as soon as you close the app.

The images shown below compare a song displayed in OpenSongApp and the same song shown in a web browser.  You can also see what the simplified navigation looks like.  When viewing a song from the song or set menu, < and > buttons allow you to navigate the songs in that menu.

Please note that the web version of the song does not include OpenSongApp features such as autoscroll and will only display OpenSong formatted songs.

If the network connection does not have internet access, users may not see the same fonts as on your device (as these require internet access to download once from https://fonts.google.com).  In this instance, they will use default fallback fonts.  Clients can always make sure they have these fonts already on their device 

OpenSongApp Performance mode
Web song menu with navigation
Web song view with navigation
Web song view without navigation