Connected display

Found under: Settings > Display > Connected display

If you want to share your lyrics (and chords) with others, you can either connect Android devices, or you can connect a secondary display such as a Chromecast, HDMI, MiraCast or Wireless Display device.

Depending on the App mode that you are in, your connected display may look slightly different and may only have some of the following settings (some *settings are specific to Presenter Mode only).

  • *Background / background opacity: Use a background image, block colour or video when presenting to a second screen. You can fade the background by reducing the opacity.

  • *Logo / logo size: To display on the screen when you aren't projecting lyrics. By default the app uses the OpenSongApp logo, but you can replace this with your own image, church logo, etc. The size is based on the width of the screen

  • Cross fade time: The time taken to fade out the old song whilst fading in the new one

  • Rotate display: If you are using a connected screen in a different orientation than it was designed for, you can rotate the display of the connected display. E.g. using a TV in portrait mode.

  • Horizontal / vertical margin size: Allows you to adjust the display to exactly fit the margins of your screen

  • *Information bar: Allows you to adjust the background colour and alignment of the information bar (title, author, copyright, etc.).

  • Time: Include the current time on the second screen

  • Maximum autoscale font size: By default all text shown on the second screen will be scaled to the maximum font size allowable to show all required content. You can set a maximum font size to avoid short pieces of text being scaled too much.

  • Chords: Show or hide chords on the connected display

  • Song content alignment: How the lyrics are aligned (Stage and Presenter Modes only)

  • *Block text shadow: Draws a shadow box around the text to allow it to be read easily when displaying over a background.

Options for changing the background
More connected display options
More connected display options