Export set

Found under: Settings > Set Actions > Export

Sets can be shared with other users using the export function.  OpenSongApp sets do not include songs, but instead contain information about the song location, expected key, etc.  This requires other users to have their own copies of songs.

You can also have the option of including copies of the song files in the set in your export.  This can be songs in their original file format (OpenSong, PDF or images), but any songs that are correctly formatted OpenSong files can also be converted to PDF, Image, Screenshot (what you would see on the song display screen), OnSong, ChordPro and text files for compatibility with other operating systems and apps.

You can only export sets that have been saved - current sets need to exist as saved files before they can be selected.  Also, due to the app trying to process songs during this export process, you will also need to wait until the app has fully indexed your Songs folder before proceeding.

Choose the appropriate set(s) using the Category dropdown menu and select the set by ticking the box next to the desired set name.  Clicking on the 'Export' button will proceed to your export format choices.

You can find out more about set categories in the Save sets page

Depending on which options are checked, the 'Print' and 'Share' buttons will give different outputs.  You can choose as many or few formats as you wish.  During export preparation, files are created (other than existing Desktop compatible files) in the OpenSong/Export/ folder.