Music score

Found under: Settings > Song Actions > Music score

Music score can be added to songs in OpenSongApp using the abc notation format.  Whilst the app is not designed purely to display music score, it can be added as a popup window to show helpful reminders, etc.

Music score functions can be accessed using the music score page button (or the menu above).  Clicking on the page button will toggle on/off any music score saved with this song.  Long pressing the button will take you to the Music Score editing page to allow you to edit the score.

Any changes you make in the editor box will update in the preview pane at the top of the page.

You can change the width of the pop up screen with the music score as a percentage of the screen width.

Changing the zoom level will try to increase the readability of the music score.

If you have entered music score for a song and later transpose the song, it is possible to have the music score automatically transpose when it is displayed.  Rather than trying to transpose the actual abc notation, a transpose command is sent that changes the display.  You can set the music score to automatically match the key of the song, or manually transpose it.

In the screenshot example, the song is saved in the key of G, but the score is written in the key of A.  Because the autotranspose is switched on, the app automatically transposes the output into the key of G.

Remember to click on the save button to save any changes.