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The actionbar (sometimes known as the toolbar or appbar) is shown at the top of an application and gives you various pieces of information and action buttons.

When in Performance or Stage mode. the action bar will display the title of the current song, the author and the key (if set).  In Presenter Mode, it will only tell you the current mode.

By default the app will also show a clock and battery charge indication.  The size and settings for each each of these displays can be changed in the settings:

Automatically hide action bar:  To maximise the space available for the song lyrics, you can have the actionbar hide after a few seconds.  It will reappear when you tap on the screen or enter a settings page.  When the actionbar is hidden, the lyrics will display behind the actionbar while it shows.  You can also adjust the time before hiding the actionbar between 1-5 seconds (1000-5000ms).

Title and author:  Scale the text used for the title and author in the actionbar

Battery:  You can display the battery charge as a coloured circle.  White is the current charge, green indicates charging and red indicates low charge.  You can adjust the thickness of this circle or hide it completely.  You can additionally show the percentage charge as text.

Time:  You can show or hide the current time (12hr or 24hr format).  This is displayed inside the charge icon to maximise space.

In addition to the main output on the action bar, you may see other icons in the actionbar:

Navigation icon (open the song or set menu) or navigate back icon

Tick indicates you are viewing a song as part of a set.  An asterisk indicates the song is a variation song or a temporarily transposed song as part of a set.

Search for a cast device.  The icon is filled if a device is connected.  This icon is also used for physical connections (such as HDMI)

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Settings / options menus:  Used to adjust all of the app settings and preferences and access other features.   When displaying settings, clicking on this again will return to the song display page.