MIDI board

Found under: Settings > MIDI > MIDI board

MIDI boards allow you to have multiple MIDI commands saved to buttons for quick recall.  For example, you can set up a MIDI board to control important features of a MIDI guitar effect unit.

You have 3 MIDI boards available and each board has a customisable title, 8 MIDI buttons (each button can have a sequence of multiple messages), 2 controller change sliders.

The MIDI boards window can be set as a user action (page button, foot pedal, screen gesture, hot zone) for quick access.

When editing the MIDI code associated with a button, you will be shown the MIDI shorthand code builder.  Simply select the desired values from the dropdown menus to build the message and click on the Test button to send the message to connected MIDI devices.

Clicking on the Add command button will add the currently chosen message to message sequence for the song. 

You can drag messages shown in the sequence to reorder them and also swipe them away to delete them.

Once you are happy with the message(s) assigned to the button, click on the Save button to return to the MIDI board and update the button.