Found under: Settings > Display > Scaling

When displaying songs on your device, you will be unlikely to have font as large as can be printed on an A4 sheet of paper, unless your device screen is this big! To maximise the size of the text, OpenSongApp has a scaling feature that tries to do this automatically.

One important thing to remember is that lyrics are NOT wrapped over multiple lines. If you write lyrics with very long lines, the app will try to show these long lines to the screen on a single line. When creating OpenSong song files, you may have to experiment until you know how many words/characters you can try to squeeze onto a single line.

Once your song file is ready, the app will give you three autoscale options:

  1. Off - I seriously do not recommend this. You can, however, set any font size you like, but if the song goes off the page (horizontally or vertically) you will have to manually scroll with your finger.

  2. On, but maximising the width: This is the default setting and the text in the song will be scaled so that it is the maximum size it can be whilst fitting the width of the screen. You may have to scroll down the page to see the rest of the song though.

  3. On, but fitting the entire song on the screen. This is useful if you don't want to have to scroll, but the font size may end up being very small. The app will also try to split the song into 1, 2 or 3 columns to give the maximum font size available.

Depending on which option you choose, you can specify further options:

  • Font size: If you insist on turning autoscale off (don't complain to me about the song not fitting on the page though!).

  • Maximum autoscale font size: If you have very short lines, autoscaling the song to width could make the text look ridiculously huge on your screen. You can specify a maximum font size to use when autoscaling

  • Preferred minimum font size: This is the minimum font size you'd like to use on the autoscale modes. If autoscaling means the font size has to be smaller, you can opt to override the autoscale modes

  • Override scaling: if the autoscaling mode means the font size would have to drop below the preferred minimum font size you can set your override options to change the autoscale mode automatically if required. For example if you normally use full autoscale (height and width) you can allow overriding when necessary to switch to scaling for width only, or even allowing width only scaling to turning autoscale off completely.

  • Scaling headings/chords/comments: This resizes these parts of the song relative to the lyrics font size

  • Max section height (Stage mode): The largest a stage mode section should be relative to the height of the screen.

Scaling off (not recommended)

Note that text may be wider and taller than the screen height, or not fully use the available space.

The text is wider than the screen and would need scrolled to the right as well as down to see everything
The song needs to be scrolled down, but there is lots of wasted space to the right.
The font could be almost twice the size in landscape mode

Scaling width only (recommended for smaller screens). This is the default setting

The text will be scaled so that the longest line fits the full width of the screen. You will likely have to scroll down to see the full song.

The text is scaled so the maximum width of the screen is used. Scrolling down is required
The text needs to be scrolled down. The space to the right is due to longer lines lower down
After scrolling down, the longest line completely fills the screen width

Scaling width and height. Recommended for larger screens

The text will be scaled so that the the text is as large as can be whilst showing the entire song on the screen. Sometimes this will show as multiple columns (which can be set to scale independently of each other). This means no scrolling is required. Note that columns are worked out automatically to be the best split of songs to allow maximum scaling.

The text is scaled so the entire song is visible. No scrolling required.
Independent column scaling on. Each column is scaled to the maximum text size while still fitting the column width and height.
Independent column scaling off. Both columns have the same text size.

You can also set a Page button or a Custom gesture to toggle autoscale to width only or full scale.