Storage overview

Found under: Settings > Storage

OpenSong folder (shown by red button)

The OpenSong folder on your device is where the app finds all of your songs, sets, profiles, backgrounds, pads, etc.  This is described as the ROOT folder. 

Inside this ROOT folder, there is a separate folder named Songs which is where your song files are stored.  It also contains other folders such as Sets, Backgrounds, etc.

When the app asks you to point to the OpenSong folder, please navigate to the ROOT folder, not the Songs folder!

OpenSong/Songs folder (shown in green)

This is where the app looks for your song files.  Files stored directly inside this Songs folder are described as MAIN folder songs.  For example I place all my church songs directly into the Songs folder and these are listed as MAIN songs. 

OpenSong/Songs/ sub folders (shown in blue)

You can create sub folders within your Songs folder to help group music as appropriate.  Inside the Songs folder, I create a subfolder called Band (shown in blue).  I save any songs I use with my function band or solo gigs into this subfolder.  You cannot create a subfolder titled 'OpenSong' as this can cause confusion.

Clicking on the red, green or blue buttons will give you different options for each type of folder as shown below, although each one gives the option of backing up your songs as this is an important step!

Options when clicking on the OpenSong (ROOT) button

Options when clicking on the Songs (MAIN) folder button.

Options when clicking on and Songs/sub folder buttons