Restore OpenSongApp backup

Found under: Settings > Song actions > Add songs > OpenSongApp

If you accidentally delete your songs or want to import songs from another OpenSongApp user or device, you can restore a backup file.  OpenSongApp backup files have the file extension .osb although they are actually just zip files with a custom file extension.

When you select the option to restore an OpenSongApp backup you will be shown a file chooser and you will need to locate the backup file you want to import.  Any OpenSongApp backup files you have previously created will be saved in your OpenSong/Backups folder, although you can open backup files from anywhere on your device.

If the file is recognised, the app will give an estimate of the number of songs (although this may be slightly different if you have included highlighter files and persistent databases in your backup).  

Before clicking on the import button, select which folders in the backup you want to import songs from.  These will be copied to matching folder names on your device.

The app will show the progress of the import.  Please wait until it has completed before leaving this page.