Midi actions

Found under: Settings > MIDI > Assign to an action

In addition to song MIDI messages, which are saved and loaded with a song, you can also assign custom MIDI commands to 8 user assignable MIDI actions.  These actions can be assigned to foot pedals, page buttons or custom gestures.

A use of these buttons could be for a general 'start' MIDI message, to play a drum sound, or to change an effect setting on a sound processor, etc.

From the MIDI settings page you can build your new MIDI command and then click on the Assign to an action button.

You will then be allowed to select which MIDI action you wish to assign this new MIDI code to.  The code created on the previous screen will be shown in the New MIDI code text box, but you are free to add additional commands, each separated by a new line.  There is no limit to the number of messages that can be assigned to a single MIDI action.  They will each be sent in order with the specified MIDI delay between them.

Once you are happy, click on the Save button to save the code to this MIDI action.

You can then assign the MIDI action to a footpedal, page button or custom gesture.  Of course, before the MIDI command can be sent via the action, you first need to connect to a MIDI device in OpenSongApp.