Found under: Settings > Display > Edit or change current theme

Themes are the simplest way to change how your song display looks.  There are 4 themes to choose from:  Dark, Light, Custom 1 and Custom 2.  Themes do not change the menu colours, only the song display outputs either on your device or connected displays.

All 4 themes are completely customisable (although you can't change the names of the themes).  If you want to reset a theme to its default setting, click on the refresh button next to the selected theme name.

The theme overview screen

Changing the colour of a theme item

Song displayed using default light theme

Song displayed using default dark theme

To change a colour for an item in the chosen theme, click on the desired button and use the sliders or hex code in the window that appears.  For transparent or partially transparent colours, lower the alpha slider.

Click on save once the new colour has been chosen.  

Theme changes will be saved as part of your profile.