Search online

Found under: Settings > Set Actions > Bible > Search online

If you have an internet connection, you can get Bible verses from  To do this, you should enter a search phrase (text, or scripture reference) and a preferred bible translation.

Click on the Search Bible Gateway button to begin the search.  You will be shown the search results.  If there are multiple options, you should then select the required scripture and change the translation if required.  Once you have a verse (or range of verses) onscreen, you will see the Extract text button appear at the top of the page.   Clicking on this will extract the scripture from the webpage and will then show you a preview.

You can see the chosen text in the preview box.  Click on the + Add to set button to create a custom slide with this scripture at the end of the current set.

When saving a set file, the scripture is bundled into the set file.  Loading a set with a scripture bundled in it will extract the scripture text as a new set item.